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As someone who grew up in Whistler, and is still growing my family

here, I have a unique understanding of the community. I want

Whistler to continue to be the safe and welcoming place I know and

love, and to be accessible for young families to put down roots.

I am running for municipal council because I believe in maintaining

the spirit of Whistler and providing opportunity for the next

generation of locals. The goal, if elected, is to find ways to make life

easier for locals while maintaining the tourist appeal. 

The Issues 


As we have seen with the transit strike that we recently went through, our community heavily relies on our local transit system. Since the strike has ended, the RMOW has made transit free for the summer months. This was a great idea but moving forward, I think we need to bring it back to 2010 days where we had a highly efficient transit system. Instead of making transit free, we should add more busses so people can get to work on time. Right now, there is a 12 month pass for $275, this works out to be $0.75 a day, I think that is also great. If we have the option to lower the prices across the board I would definitely be on board with that but I think the riders would prefer to be at work on time rather than have free, unreliable transit.


Whistler has been successful in the past with providing affordable housing with such initiatives such as WHA which has lead to the goal of 75% of the workforce being housed in Whistler. My intention is to stick to those parameters and goals and build more employee restricted housing at every opportunity. 


Tackling the discussion of affordability comes with many obstacles but I look forward to finding solutions with the community. We need to see a change in transportation, to work with the different levels of government about providing more affordable daycare options and paying a living wage. All of these issues I will take on if elected for council.  

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